Best Baby Floor Bed in 2021

Best Baby Floor Bed in 2021: Top 3 Review

Top 3 Best Baby Floor Beds for the Money

Having a comfy toddler bed or floor mattress for your baby to sleep in as they transition from a crib or bassinet is important for a positive sleep routine as they grow. Babies typically move through a number of sleep stages before they move to a full size mattress. Unless your baby has slept in a bed from birth, you’ve probably been looking at numerous baby bed options to keep your baby safe and happy.

We picked out three of the best baby floor beds on the market to give you a good idea of the range of options. Perhaps you’ve tried a crib mattress and now you want to upgrade your baby to something different, or just want a way for them to take a nap on the floor instead of in a bed or crib. We’ll go over all the finer points so you know just what to look for in your baby floor bed.

1. 4 Inch Kids Memory Foam Floor Mattress

This first product is a multifunctioning option that can be used in a number of ways for all of your baby’s needs. Made of soft, quality cotton on the outside and plush filler cotton on the inside, this bed is suitable as a floor style bed, a crib mattress, and a futon. This is good because you can transition to different bedding types as your baby’s needs change.

This particular bed is also designed with a child’s development in mind. It is built and sized specifically for a baby and small child’s needs. The manufacturers know that children’s sleep is important and have taken care to design the bed in such a way that gives you the peace of mind that your baby will enjoy a safe sleep.

It’s made to be ultra quiet so that when you put them to bed at night they won’t be startled by the bed making any noises if they move or wiggle around.


  • Materials: Cotton and foam
  • Dimensions: 58x28x4 inches
  • Color: Various


  • Versatile for different sleep positions
  • Soft yet durable construction
  • Made of organic cotton that is allergen-free
  • Noise-free for a peaceful night’s sleep


  • No additional features
  • May not be suitable for larger or multiple children
  • May need a larger mattress for good sleep behavior


2. VIVITG Cartoon Totoro Baby Bed Stuffed Sofa

If you’re looking for more of a permanent bedding solution than just a mat for naps from time to time, then this next option is a good solution. A fully functional child’s bed with raised sides is safer than a flat bed or floor mat and much more comfortable as well.

The cartoon design of the bed is also more appealing to children and makes them more eager to go to bed when it’s time. The bed is also designed to be breathable and comfortable to sleep in, as well as ergonomically designed to cradle your little one in just the right way while they sleep. This can help improve self soothing skills and is an excellent addition to your traditional nursery setup.

The shape and feel of the bed allows parents to go hands-off for their baby’s sleep and gives the baby a certain amount of freedom within limits by letting them roll around but stay within the comfort of the bed.


  • Materials: Polymer fabric with foam filling
  • Dimensions: 90x60x35 cm
  • Color: Grey


  • Ergonomically designed to cradle and comfort your baby
  • Cartoon design is fun for children
  • Sides are raised to allow movement without worry of falling out of the bed
  • Full foam mattress with breathable material


  • Size may be restrictive for toddlers
  • Despite the mattress, is still relatively low to the ground


3. Eltow Inflatable Toddler Air Mattress Bed With Safety Bumper

Our final option is an inflatable bed for babies and toddlers that’s the perfect portable option for sleepovers and camping trips. This inflatable toddler travel bed is a great on-the-go companion for your baby or small toddler.

The bed itself is made extra durable, so it’s baby-proof and accident-proof and lasts a lifetime. The bed and mattress can go together or the mattress can be separated from the rest of the unit for added portability. The baby bumpers will keep your child safe from rolling off.

It also comes as a full travel-ready kit to make taking it with you even easier. It includes a fast air pump that is ready to go the minute your little one needs to go down for a nap or a good night’s sleep.


  • Materials: Vinyl
  • Dimensions: 63x40x12 inches
  • Color: Grey


  • Ideal for traveling with babies and toddlers
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Bumpers prevent baby from rolling off
  • Comes fully stocked with everything you need


  • May make noise during movement
  • Will need pillows and blankets
  • Not suitable for every child


Buying Guide

Here is a breakdown based on how each baby floor bed is best used. This is to help you choose the right type of baby bed for your particular baby and your unique situation. These are our recommendations based on all the factors we’ve put together for each product.

Best Bed For Naps and Playtime

The 4 Inch Kids Memory Foam Floor Mattress Bed Foldable, Mattress for Toddler, Portable Travel Mattress Camp Mattress Tatami Mat for Kids, with Free Mattress Cover and Carry Storage Bag is the right option if you want your baby to be able to nap in comfort but don’t want to switch them to a full size bed or put them back in the crib. It is thick enough to provide support and makes a great play space.

Best Bed For Transitioning Baby Sleep

The VIVITG Cartoon Totoro Baby Bed Stuffed Sofa Infant Chair Plush Cute Anime Sofa Bed, for Kids Baby Play Mat Floor Mat, 906035cm is our pick for a sleeping option for your baby when transitioning out of the crib. The cute and friendly theme combined with the ergonomic and safe design of the product make it an ideal sleep space for your baby while taking both your and your child’s needs into consideration.

Best Travel Bed

The Eltow Inflatable Toddler Air Mattress Bed With Safety Bumper – Portable, Modern Travel Bed, Cot for Toddlers – Perfect For Travel, Camping – Removable Mattress, High Speed Pump and Travel Bag Included is our pick for the best travel bed because it has everything your baby needs for a comfortable night’s sleep when you’re on the go. We wouldn’t recommend it for regular daily sleep, but it has what you need if you’re traveling, camping, or have extra guests with a baby.

For more information on baby beds and cribs, check out more of our product reviews.

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